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The Black Widow challenge is one of the hardest Sims 4 Challenges created by Simalot [1]and is based around exactly what you think : female supremacy and matricide. With leveling, scoring and killer insticts (pun intended ;) this challenge will elevate your gameplay to new heights.

Setting Up[]

(A Quick Note About Gender Preferences For This Challenge: Yes, of course, you can play this challenge as any gender you choose to, and by the same token, you can also marry any gender you choose, so please change anything referring to man, male, he, or him... to woman, female, she, or her (and vice versa) according to your preference of how you want to play this challenge. The rules should still make perfect sense (for anybody wondering). Good luck with this challenge.)

  • Life span must be set to normal. Start off with one Young Adult Sim. Give her the following 3 traits... materialistic, snob, and romantic. The aspiration has to be "Love" with a sub-category being The Serial Romantic. Move her into a lot/house and get her settled. NO Money cheats allowed!!!
  • Meet a Sim and build your relationship until you can get married (All marriage should have a formal party, it's not a requirement though... it just add to the realism.)
  • Have a Dinner party to show you're the perfect wife. (The Dinner party must at least reach a rating of "silver".)
  • After the party, find a new romantic interest, and... move them in.
  • Then, get caught cheating (ie. make sure your current hubby is very close/near-by, while getting "Romantic" with the new guy.)
  • Kill off the Husband, marry again (to the new guy) + inscribe the tombstone with: {his name} “Died by Black Widow”
  • Repeat this over again until you have 10 graves or more / 10 of them have died. Simple Right? maybe ....maybe not.
  • Simply do so while following the "Rules" seen below.

Hold on, before you start thinking its impossible... It"s not. I want you to know it's not easy, it's a Challenge... so it's not supposed to be. Also, I've created different difficulty levels, so you can definitely beat this challenge (on Novice, Normal, Specialist, or Legendary. Just choose a difficulty level at the bottom of page --- or just use the Normal rules (seen just below).

The Rules[]

1st Option: You can choose to move into your husbands' houses. Keep all tombstones on the lot. You may even want to build an urn room.

Remember, a "haunted house", in effect, is formed as you accumulate all the tombstones on your lot.


2nd Option: Don't move into your husbands' houses. I really don't see why it would matter much to stay in just one house. NOTE: Please remember to keep track of all the killings, when using the 2nd option, because counting the tombstones at any time wouldn't be possible any more.

After choosing an option, please follow the rules below:

  • Life-span must be set to normal
  • Stop aging on all households, except yours.
  • No mods or cheats.
  • Absolutely NO Money cheats allowed!!!
  • You may use the resetSim cheat if your Sim gets "stuck" in an interaction or somewhere around town
  • You can have as many love interests at the same time as you wish
  • Having Kids is your own choice, but you can earn extra points (seen below) by having them
  • he Black Widow may not have a job, all money must be earned by the men she targets.(exception: She is allowed to earn money by selling collectables that she finds... but only before she's married. )
  • Only marry single men. However, If you want to marry a married man, the only way allowed is to simply click on a household, and delete all other household members except for him. This is because of a glitch that makes it so that money will not transfer with a sim to your house if they previously had a family in their house (If a patch changes this, then you are allowed to ignore this rule).
  • During the killing, don't leave the lot if you're choosing to kill by confining person to room etc. (leaving somehow allows them to escape) maybe a patch will eventually fix this.
  • No repairing items, only the replacements of broken items are allowed
  • Must max out Cooking skill
  • Must max out Charisma skill

VERY IMPORTANT: As New Expansion Packs, Updates, Etc. Are Released, These Rules May Make Less Sense Due To The Changes, Additions, Or Subtractions Made To The Game. Due To This Fact, You'll Need To Rely More And More On Common Sense To Help Guide What Should And Shouldn't Be Allowed or Not Allowed In This Challenge In Order To Keep In Line With The General Spirit Of The Challenge.

Finishing the Challenge : Goals[]

The challenge is completed (on "Normal Difficulty Level) when:

The Black Widow dies, and

You max out the Charisma skill, and

You max out the Cooking skill

Difficulty Levels[]

Novice: Finish the challenge, max either the Cooking or Charisma skills, both are not required for "Novice".

Normal: Follow the directions above, Finish whole challenge before dying.

Specialist: Complete both the challenge and Serial Romantic aspiration by the time the black widow is an elder.

Legendary: Complete both the challenge and Serial Romantic aspiration by the time the black widow is an adult.


Regulars Points(For Novice + Normal)

  • +1000 for achieving 7 or more graves
  • +1000 reaching level 10 (max) in Cooking
  • +1000 reaching level 10 (max) in Charisma
  • +400 for every party with a silver metal or more
  • +300 for every different color ghost that appears
  • +200 per husband achieved/gained
  • +200 per grave.
  • +100 for every affair you successfully end in death.
  • +100 each date
  • +100 every child

Subtract If :

  • -300 for every partner that dies naturally.
  • -200 for not reaching level 10 (max) in the Cooking Skill
  • -200 for not reaching level 10 (max) in the Charisma Skill
  • -100 for not throwing a dinner party
  • -100 for every party ending with a bronze metal
  • -100 for every kid taken away by the Social worker.

Advanced Leveling Score[]

Specialist Points (For Legendary / Specialist Difficulty. These are in addition to points above)

  • +2000 - For completing the Serial Romantic aspiration
  • +3000 - For completing the challenge before becoming an Elder
  • +3000 - For completing the Specialist Difficulty Level ( and becoming a Sims 4 Specialist )

Subtract if:

  • -300 - For every extra day you needed to complete the challenge after Elderhood began

Legendary Points

  • +2000 - For completing the Serial Romantic aspiration
  • +5000 - For completing the challenge before becoming an Adult
  • +5000 - For completing Legendary Difficulty Level ( and becoming a Sims 4 Legend )

Subtract If:

  • -300 - For every extra day you needed to complete the challenge after Adulthood began

  1. Source (credit): Simalot aka lotlot80 Sims 3 Source (credit): http://nene.modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=362192 BLACK WIDOW CHALLENGE